Dec 5, 2011

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6 Things People Say When They Are Addicted to Facebook

Have you tried to convince yourself that you are not addicted to Facebook? You tell yourself that it is the new social tool and that everybody uses it the way that you do. If you have over 1,000 friends on Facebook, you might want to get some help. Facebook is really useful for friends to keep in touch (and it’s also a great way to stalk people you’ve just met). In college, it gets ever better. All you want to do is get on Facebook during class. If you have found that you might be addicted to Facebook, here are 6 things that people who think that they aren’t addicted to Facebook say, turns out, most of those people that say these things are addicted.

1. “I’m not addicted.” Sure you aren’t, that’s why you have to reassure yourself that you aren’t. Take a look at how much time you spend on the site, then get back to me.
2. “This is so going to be my new profile pic!” If you are thinking about your cyber life when you are living your real life, it’s a sign that you are addicted. Whether you realize it or not, you are always thinking about Facebook if you are thinking about your new profile pic!
3. “I can’t wait until they tag me in the photos from last night!” Waiting to be tagged in a FB album is a great way to show that you are addicted. Don’t worry, you will get tagged. . .eventually.
4. “YES!!! Gina commented on Josh’s Facebook wall, she totally likes him.” Ok, this shows that you are some FB stalker. It doesn’t really matter what other people are doing on each other’s walls. If you care, you must be addicted.
5. “Facebook is a way to keep in touch with my 3,000 friends!” If you have this many friends, you must be addicted. No one has 3,000 friends that they know personally!
6. “I need video/group chat on Facebook!” If you want to keep everything that you do on one site, you are totally addicted. Don’t be afraid to try other sites, it will be ok!
If you have found that you have said any of these things, you are totally addicted to Facebook. Don’t worry, it seems like a lot of people are. If it makes you feel any better, you can probably go post your status on Facebook as, “just found out I am addicted to Facebook :( “.

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  1. There’s something even worse than being addicted to Facebook, and it is being addicted to Facebook games. My wife is addicted to Farmville and says things like “wait for me in the car, I’ll be the in a minute… I have to feed my cows”

  2. @Carlos
    Haha, Yeah, farmville. That reminds me of a super ultra funny video about that: