Gopro Hero 6! An action camera with an amazing hardver.

Snowboarding? Surfing? Diving? Or whatever spors you are going to do an action cam is always a good choise. There are several manufacturals out there, but the absolute king of the category now is the Gopro with it’s Hero line.

The new Hero 6 which has been published last week, has some awesome functions. Like the Hero 5, it has a digital image stabilization, but it’s much more powerful, and works better. Thats such an important point if you are planning to mount it on a bike, motorcycle, or just anything that is moving. It also has a new wifi harver, which said to TRIPLE! the transfer speed, compered to older Gopros. Moreover now you can zoom with the Gopro. Which is fantastic idea, and hoped to be available on the others too soon.
 Quickstories which is also a new feature, makes a short video from your shots and videos. You don’t have to spend time with that. The Brand new Gorpos own G1 processor is twice as much faster than any of the action cameras out there, and its making hard for competitors to stay in the ring. Hero 6 can capture videos in 4k at 60 frames/s, 2.7K at 120 frames/s (which is enough for a really good slow motion video), and 1080 at 240 fps. It will be definetly really hard to make a bad quality video or image with this tiny machine. So if you are going to buy an action camera and you have 500$, the Hero 6 is absolutely the best choise for you.



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