Gopros foldable Karma drone! Review and Specs

While Gopro has been famous from it’s action camera, the company want’s to get in the drone market as well.

Karma is following the foldable design like the Dji Mavic pro, and comes in a well packet backback. You can buy it with or without a gopro (if you have one). The price is 800buck without the camera, and 1100 with the hero 5. However now you can buy it with the Hero 6 for around 1200$.

The drone has a really nice and aerodynamic design, and the arms and the landing stands can be folded when
carrying. The controller has a build in screen which is enough brigth for sunny days too. Maximum distance is around 2km. and the flight time is claimed to be 20 minutes. Maximum speed is 35mph, just a little bit slower than Mavics 40mph. It has a lot of smart modes, and in the new update it will has a follow me mode!

 It comes also with a mount for handled use which is awesome. You just take off the camera from the drone and use it with the Karma grip. 2in1 solution. You can use the drone with a Hero 4/5/6 and soon with the Session.

 In conclusion, the Karma is great for anyone who owns a gopro, even if its doesnt have obstacle avoidance. But if you dont have a gopro and you want a more advanced drone for the same price, you should also check the mavic pro.

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