Beoplay Beolit 17

Let’s suppose that there is a person who only enjoys listening to music in high quality. Let’s suppose that this person thinks that premium material use, clear exterior, great efficiency and portability are important. This person likes garden parties and working out outside so battery is also an important aspect. Well, that person is me and I would like to introduce a product for these demands. The B&O PLAY Beolit 17 launched by the sub-brand of Bang & Olufsen.


At first look the product looks like a simple box with a belt. Well, it should be noted that this „box” has been designed by a famous designer called Cecilie Manz, so maybe it is worth taking another look. Looking at the original model (Beolit 12) the product hasn’t changed much, on that one not all the holes were pierced and the door from the back disappeared. In terms of colours there are two options, grey and dark grey with matching cowhide grip. The size 23 x 18,9 x 13,5 cm, with a weight of 2,7 kg. On the top there are 5 buttons. There is an on-off switch, two volume-control, and one Bluetooth-pairing button and a new one, called Connect and with the help of it we can reach the so called smart/intelligent functions.


In the recent years the manufacturers started to prefer wireless technology. More and more smartphones (Sony Xperia 1) and tablets (iPad Pro) lacks of jack. Fortunately, the B&O PLAY Beolit 17 has 3.5 mm jack and Bluetooth 4.2 so it is compatible with most devices. Thanks to the Stereo Pairing we can pair even two devices at the same time. The battery has a capacity of 2200 mAh-s 7,4V. At first look it may not seem enough, but in everyday use it works pretty well. According to the manufacturer it works for 24 hours but only on low volume. In most cases I managed to get 10-12 hours out of it and the USB-C 3A (45W) charger deals with the charging.


  • 2 x 35 watts Class D for bass and treble (2 x 120 watts peak power)
  • 1 x 5.5” long-stroke Full-Range Driver
  • 2 x 4” Passive Bass Radiators
  • 3 x 1,5” Mid-Tweeters


  • 37 – 20,000Hz

I think the 37 Hz lowbass speaks for itself. I had tried several portable speakers in this category and I have to admit that at first I wanted to go for A2 Active, but when I listened to them side by side I knew that I need THIS ONE! Both provide music in 360 degrees (which is a huge advantage), but after hearing the lows there is no question. The Beolit 17 also has „Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound”, which means that we can expect clear and balanced sounding. We should not forget the ToneTouch function (which became the trademark of B&O PLAY), which gives the opportunity to costumize the sounding with the Beoplay app. Imagine a circular surface with a spot which can be moved into the direction of four sections. Obviously, the further out you take the spot, the stronger the effect is – Warm, Excited, Relaxed, Bright. It is hard to tell the exact meaning of these, The Warm highlights the lows, the Excited maybe the medium, the Relaxed goes in direction of the flat sounds, while Bright makes the high notes stronger.


The conclusion is simple. If you listen to music a lot, and quality is important and travelling is part of your life you are going to love this speaker.