Don’t judge by size! Gopro hero 5 session

Last year Gopro come up with it’s new really compact action camera. The session series known by it’s small size and cube shape. Like the older session it is really small, incredibly in real. ​​SMLXL  The Hero Session 5 is waterproof till 10m(33feet), and has a voice command control which works great. You can start/stop recording, take a photo, and do almost everything without pressing any button. With the two buttons, you can easyly control anything in the menu. The button on the top is great whit its one tuoch recording, when the Gopro is off, and you press it … Continue reading Don’t judge by size! Gopro hero 5 session

Xiaomi Mi 4K drone! A cheap Phantom?? Review and specs

Xiaomi is famous for it’s smartphones, and smart gadgets. The company got in the drone market, with it’s Mi drone this year. ​​SMLXL  The Mi drone has two available model, the 1080p and the 4K model. The only difference is the camera, and the 4K model has a little bit longer range. It can record at 40k/30fps(only the 4k model) and 1080p 60fps, and it can turn 360 degrees around. With its 3 axis gimbal the videos are so smooth. The maximum flight speed is 18m/s, and the maximum distance is between 2 and 3 km. Battery life can go up to 27 … Continue reading Xiaomi Mi 4K drone! A cheap Phantom?? Review and specs

Dji Phantom 4pro, best overall drone?

Dji is the leading drone manufactural company, and probably the best nown. The most common is the phantom line, and the Mavic serie. ​​SMLXL  The new Phantom 4pro has an upgrated camera with a 1-inch CMOSsensor (biggest on a drones yet) . It is 20mp and can record 4k at 60fps, and burst photos at 14per second. The result are amazing and sharp photos. Of course it has a well working 3axis gimbal, so you can even move the camera up or down. ​​SMLXL  With it’s 5-direction of obstacle avodianve, its really hard to crash it. It lacks the upward sensors, but well, … Continue reading Dji Phantom 4pro, best overall drone?

Gdu O2 Plus is the new Mavic?

Gdu maybe known from its foldable Byrd drone, but thats so huge, and capeable to carry a DSLR Gdu mcamera on board. This year their new drone the O2 plus is a huge step, and probably a success. Design It looks like littlebit like the Dji Mavic pro, but when its folded, we can attach it to the controller. Personally i think the idea is briiliant! Controller Range is about 0.6miles, and the live feed is 720p 30fps. A phone can be connected to the controller (just like the Mavics). You can controll it with your phone as well, but the … Continue reading Gdu O2 Plus is the new Mavic?