Dji Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom

Is it worth to upgrade? Is it a huge improvement? Let’s find out!

If you are planning to buy a drone, which has a good camera, good range and acceptable camera, as well as a good value for the money, the only question is, which DJI to buy.

DJI became known by their Phantom series (4pro), which have been always revolutionary in the drone market. However nowadays their most popular drones are the Mavics and Spark Models.

The new Mavic has two versions, the Pro and the Zoom. The only difference among them are the cameras, everything else is the same.


They does’nt really look different than the previous Mavic pro, except the LED lights on the bottom, and the cameras. They are still foldable ( can easily fit in a backpack), and looks cool.


So now this is the point, where the Mavic Pro improved a lot. First of all the speed is higher by about 5%. The LED lights are really helpful at night for landing, and the propellers and motors are a bit quieter. And the best thing is, is the omnidirectional obstacle avoidance system. The range went from 7 km to 8 km 2.⅘.8 GHz real time auto-switching and 40 Mbps as low as 120ms low latency. and the flight time is now 31 minutes instead of 27 (in real life is around 28 and 25).

Let’s talk a little bit about the omnidirectional obstacle avoidance system.

  • Forward: measurement range is up to 20 meters, detectable range is 20-40 m
  • Downward: measurement range up to 10 meters, detectable range is 11-22 m
  • Left/Right: detecting obstacles at speeds up to 28.8kph
  • Backward: up to 16  meters, detectable range is 16-32 m up to 43.2kph
  • Upward: Infrared system, measurement range up to 8 meters

APAS system helps you to automatically avoid obstacles, and can plan a route through them.


Okey, this is a huge improvement on both models, especially on the Pro version. Now it has a Hasselblad L1D-20c Camera, with a 20MP 1-Inch CMOS sensor. It means better low light performance, much detailed and more colourful pictures with 10bit Dlog-M colour profile (1 billion colors/ 16 million before). Of course 4K HDR 10-bit recording added, making videos just simple amazing. It comes with an adjustable aperture, (like the Samsung s9/S9+/Note9) f/2.8-f/11.


The Zooms camera is almost the same as the original Mavic Pro, but now it has 2x optical zoom (24–48 mm) and 4x loseless zoom.

Flight Modes

  • Hyperlapse in four modes, Free Circle CourseLock and Waypoint
  • Hyperlight Brighten up your photos, and make blurry parts a little bit better
  • Dolby Zoom is a really interesting and creative mode, i can not really explane it, check out a video. (Only Zoom model)
  • Asteroid is the same as before as well as Boomerang, they gives a short but beautiful videos
  • Both Models comes with the new Active Track 2.0, which can predict your movement, and makes a 3d map around the drone and the subject. It can now follow subjects at a speed of up to 72kph.

Conclusion/Sum up

The Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom versions are a huge step in the drone market. The obstacle avoidance system is awesome, the pro’s camera is near as good as a dslr, and the Zooms is just  so cool and fun to use. Of course you shouldn’t trust 100% in the ASAP, but it works well almost every time.

So which to choose?

  • If Image quality is the first, Pro Version
  • If you are a fan of the Zoom, that’s also a good choice
  • If you have a Mavic Pro, and you are not a professional photographer, you don’nt really need to upgrade.
  • If you have a Spark, or Air, think about an upgrade 😉

Mavic Pro 2 is the best consumer drone on the market right know, thats not a question at all.