DJI Osmo Pocket Is Gopro in trouble?

Even if the Osmo pocket is not an action camera, it is really near to beat the Gopro Hero 7!DJI is mostly popular from it’s drone line, like the Mavic series (best portable drones) and the more professional Phantom and Inspire line. These drones are far better than almost anything else on the market, and now their new Osmo is a really capable camera.


We are impressed how small it really is! It’s the size of a TV controller.. well.. a smaller one. However, don’t let the size confuse you, it also has a 3 axis gimbal stabilisation, which is unbeatable by either optical or electronic stabilisation, and also a screen. The Gopro Hero 7 has an amazing electronic stabilisation (read Gopro 7 review here), but it can not beat the gimbal type.


Let the specs speak for themselves

  • 1/2.3” Sensor
  • 4K 60fps
  • 1.55 μm pixel size
  • 12MP
  • 80 degrees FOV
  • f/2.0 aperture
  • 100Mbps

So the camera specs are impressive, and with the touch screen you can easily control the camera. We are waiting to test it, but we are sure it will have a smooth, sharp and colorful picture.


  • ActiveTrack: Well, this is the feature what I really miss from my Gopro. There is no gimbal on the market for even the Hero 7, which can add an active track to the camera. Imagine that you are skiing, the Osmo Pocket is on your helmet, and it follows your friend wherever he is. (of course within seeable distance)
  • Panorama: 3×3 Auto Panorama function captures a panorama photo crazy fast
  • Motionlapse: Timelapse turns hours into seconds, and Motionlapse adds smooth camera movement for an amazing effect
  • NightShot: Well, just better pictures during night


  • Extension Rod: It is also a tripod mount
  • Waterproof Case: Yes, sadly this device doesn’t have an IP rating, so you have to buy an this case which let you to take the Osmo up to 60m underwater. You can control the basic functions in it.
  • Controller Wheel: This is for controlling the tilt and pan of the gimbal, and adds two more operation buttons.
  • Charging Case: It is a protective case, and you can also charge the device without taking it out from it


We know DJI doesn’t say actually that this is an action camera, but it can really function like that. Even with the lack of waterproofing (can solve with the case), this camera is almost the best option for travellers and for most sportsmen. It’s hard to compare it to the Gopro, in some area this one is better, in others that one, but we will compare them later.