Dji Phantom 4pro, best overall drone?

Dji is the leading drone manufactural company, and probably the best nown. The most common is the phantom line, and the Mavic serie.

The new Phantom 4pro has an upgrated camera with a 1-inch CMOSsensor (biggest on a drones yet) . It is 20mp and can record 4k at 60fps, and burst photos at 14per second. The result are amazing and sharp photos. Of course it has a well working 3axis gimbal, so you can even move the camera up or down.

With it’s 5-direction of obstacle avodianve, its really hard to crash it. It lacks the upward sensors, but well, dont fly in a cave. Range of the sensors are 30m. It can manouver easyly indoors without its gps signal, and can avoid obstacles under 50kph. The transmitting range is around 7km/4,3miles, and the flight time is 30minutes. Maximum speed is 31mph with all sensors working and 45mph in sport mode. Wind resistance is 10m/s.

Flying is such simple with its remote controller, that has a  built in 5.5inch screen. You can do also everthing through the screen, and also select smartmodes, like follow me, orbiting, tap fly and a few more.

Design is pretty nice and simple. This drone has a white body which looks nice, like the older phantoms. Because the lack of foldable legs and arms, the only drawback is its size. You need a small suitcase to carry it, or holding bags that are designed for it. But its not that kind of situation that you just put it in your backpack or whatever.

In conclusion, if you make that compromise with the size, the drone totally worth its 1500$ price.