Don’t judge by size! Gopro hero 5 session

Last year Gopro come up with it’s new really compact action camera. The session series known by it’s small size and cube shape. Like the older session it is really small, incredibly in life. The Hero Session 5 is waterproof till 10m (33feet), and has a voice command control which works great. You can start/stop recording, take a photo, and do almost everything without pressing any button. With the two buttons, you can easily control anything in the menu. The button on the top is great with it’s one touch recording, when the Gopro is off, it will start recording within 2 seconds, which is awesome, and supports fast charging via usb-c port. There are some compromises because it’s size, like the lack of the screen, and the not user-replecable battery. However while Snowboarding you are not looking at screen probably, still you have live preview through your gopro app on your smartphone. The battery life is around 1 and 3/4 hours, depending on the resolution and the connections. The camera has an electronic image stabilization, which works great even on shakey roads, but it doesn’t work when you recording at 4k. It’s sensor is 10MP, and has gopros wide angle view, and can Record videos at 4k/30fps, 2,7k/48fps, 1080/90 and 720/120 ( for slow motion). It can take burst photos at 10mp (30 per seconds). The Gopro Hero 5 session is a great action camera with 300$ price tag and the smallest on the market. It’s enough for everyday users, but if you are a photographer you should also check the Hero 7.