Gdu O2 Plus is the new Mavic?

Gdu maybe known from its foldable Byrd drone, but thats so huge, and capeable to carry a DSLR Gdu camera on board. This year their new drone the O2 plus is a huge step, and probably a success.


It looks like little bit like the Dji Mavic pro, but when its folded, we can attach it to the controller. Personally i think the idea is briiliant!


Range is about 0.6miles, and the live feed is 720p 30fps.
A phone can be connected to the controller (just like the Mavics). You can controll it with your phone as well, but the range dicrease to 260ft


The o2 can fly up to 33mph (Mavic 45 mph) fast, and can handle wind up to 12mph. Maximum flight time is a little bit less then 20 minutes (Mavic is 27m). It has Gps and Glonass to manouver precisely, and a forward sensor for obstacle avoidiance from 2 to 50ft. Two downward vision system contains 2 cameras 1 to 10ft.


1/3 Inch 13 mp sensor (similer to Mavic), max photo resolution is 42083120, and videos are 4K: 3840×216025fps; 1080P: 19201080 30fps;
720P:1280*720 30fps;
3 axis gimble for smooth videos and steady pichtures


The o2 is a great drone with a lot of smart features (see below), However the flying time is about 2/3 smaller to the Mavics. The two cameras are almost the same and have the same capeabilities, but i think the Mavics is a bit better. In conclusion the 730 dollar price tag makes it a lot cheaper, and a great value drone.