Gopro Hero 7 No need for gimbal? Smooth 4K video? The best action camera? Let’s check it out!

If someone says action cameras, probably GoPro is coming to your mind. Even there are a lot of try to beat them, like Xiaomi action cameras or Sonys (we will compare them later), Gopro is still the King! Of course they are a little bit expensive, but if you want the best the only choice is the Gopro Hero 7 Black!


Well, the design hasn’t really changed since the 5th series, it also has one screen on the back and on the front. It’s waterproof for until 33ft (10m) and also shockproof. The screen is easy to navigate, sharp and bright enough for sunny days as well, and the battery is luckily removable.


Gopro uses it’s dedicated GP1 Chip, which is more powerful than others. That’s why it can capture 4K at 60fps which is insane, and capture 12MP SuperPhotos. It also supports Time Lapse Videos, Slo-Mo 8x (1080p up to 240/200 fps), Live streaming and TimeWarp Videos.

Voice control

Voice control works just as well as on previous GoPros, there are 16 different commands and each of them are useful, like “take a photo” , “start recording” etc.


Now the 7 Black has a Superphoto function, which is basically a HDR photo with a little software correcting and “tuning”, the pictures are just awesome.

HyperSmooth Video

GoPro uses digital stabilisation since the 5th series, but it was never as good as now. The new system can replace a mechanical gimbal! Well, not always but in a lot of situation. It’s unbelievable what’s this system is capable of.


GoPro did it again. The Hero 7 Black is the best action camera on the market,with amazing features and capabilities, and with this new HyperSmooth Video mode the “the shaky videos times” are over. Even if you have the Hero 6, the 7 will bring much better videos (if you are using the 6 without a gimbal).