iPhone Xs and Xs Max is a big step towards a perfect iPhone Let’s check it out!

Apple introduced 3 new phones on September 12, and new smartwatch. While they own only the 12% of the smartphone market (1st Samsung, 2nd Huawei) the profits bigger part is their because of their high prices. The previous flagship the iPhone X came out last year, it was the first phone with a notch, and the first oled display iPhone.


Well, it hasn’t really changed, it looks like the iPhone X. The size is the same, the notch is still huge. Of course it has a premium built quality, but if you are holding a iPhone X and Xs in your hands, it almost impossible to tell which is which. The Xs has a stronger Glass, probably Gorilla Glass 6, but apple doesn’t tell it us. However, the Xs MAX is a much bigger phone with a 6,5 inch display (5,8 on iPhone X/Xs), it has the same design as the X just bigger. AND FINALLY A BIG CLAP FOR APPLE FOR IP68 RATINGS! (Thanks Apple, we had been waiting for it for a long time)


We have already seen it, both new phones have the same pixel destiny of the X, 458ppi, and the same ratio 19.5:9. Each of them are Super “Retina” OLED panel. Even if they are not an improvement compered to the iPhone X, they are still sharp, bright and the colours are beautiful, it’s one of the best screen on the market right now.


This is the point where the phone improved a lot. The new A12 Bionic Chipset promises 15%faster performance, and 50%lower power usage. It has more power that you would ever need. The GPU is new as well, and has 50%more performance than the previous one.


It has almost the same camera system on the back, but it promises much more colour, details and better performance, as well as a 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom, but we are waiting for the real life tests to judge it. There is still no 960 fps super slow motion, “just” 1080p at 240fps.Specs-12MP f/1.8 wide angle lens-12MP f/2.4 telephoto lensBoth with optical image stabilisation and can record videos at 4k@60fps.The front camera is a 7MP Trudepth f/2.2 wide angle lens with Portrait selfies and more.


The new Xs and Xs MAX are (as i said) a big step towards a perfect iPhone, but there are still a lot to improve. For example more RAM, the battery life/size, smaller notch and a lower price. Yeah, the new Xs and Xs MAX costs over a 1000$. But there are a lot of good things, the new A12 is amazing, the performance is unbeatable. We are waiting for the tests, but The iPhone Xs and Xs Max are the most powerful smartphones on the market, with a grate camera (for sure), and secure software.