OnePlus 6T! Is it in a big improvement? Not really, but it has Gorilla Glass 6! Let’s check it out!

The well known and very popular OnePlus 6 was released in May, and became the fastest Android phone on the market, however, now it’s not on the top. (Check out our review)In the end of october, the second generation of the OnePlus 6 came out, but we feel a bit disappointment about it.


Well, the design of the 6T is almost the same as its predecessor, except the smaller notch and the lack of the fingerprint reader (on the back) and it has Gorilla Glass 6 which promises to be 2x as good as the 5, which is very impressive. The screen is of course AMOLED like before, but now 6.41 inches (6.28 before), whereas the resolution is still 402ppi.


So this is the point where the 6T lacks improvements, it has the same Snapdragon 845 and 8gb of RAM. The only new feature is the in-screen fingerprint reader which is rare (list of in-screen fingerprint reader phones), it’s really useable, fast and cool. For the other hardware informations click here for the OnePlus 6 review (instead of the upper feature, it’s the same).


First of all the reason I skipped the Camera session, is because it’s 100% the same as the OnePlus 6. The battery is improved as well, it’s now 3700mAh (3300 before), but the performance is almost the same as before. So the new phone is just a small upgrade, it’s basically like a OnePlus 6 with a smaller notch and in-screen fingerprint reader.