Parrot Mambo – The best “toy” drone for inside!

Parrot is probably famous from it’s Bebop 2 line, or the Anafi, but the company has a drone for indoor as well. For beginners it is perfect to learn how to fly a drone, and it could also give a lot of fun.

Well, at first the Mambo seems to be a spider with its two green eyes (lights) on the front. Luckily it has a frame around the propeller protecting them from damage when flying inside. The drone is really small, it can easily fit in your hand. The sound could be a little bit frustrating, but not that much as other drones in this category. It can fly for 7-8-9 minutes, depending on the accessory it has on it. The maximum flight range is 100 meters, and you can also control it with your phone through wifi, or by a controller (range is the same). It also has a downward camera for positioning, and you can take photos with that also. No GPS included, but the optical positioning works great even outside.


Of course the drone can do basic tricks, lite backflip and side-flips, but the most interesting and fun part are its accessories.

FPV cam with Cockpitglasses 2

Interested in drone racing? This drone is perfect to start with. With the FPV cam attached on it, just pair with the Googles and its ready for racing. It gives you a totally different flying experience that other drones. The 720p HD camera with 10 minutes of flight time and low latency is perfect to get into drone racing. It has 3 modes, Easy mode which keeps you in the air and gives you stability. The Drift mode turns off horizontal stabilization, so you can make tight turns. And of course the last is the Racing mode, so all stabilization is off, and you are totally in control!


As a kid everyone dreamed about flying a F16 jet and shoot, and now it you can do it in a smaller size. With the optional Canon attached to the top of the drone, you can set your own targets fly towards them and shoot! Perfect for annoying smaller brothers or sisters, or basically anyone. It is powerful enough to overset plastic cups, so don’t shoot into eyes! The canon carries up to six pellets, and the package includes 50.


Drones usually used for aerial mapping, photography or video recording, but with this accessory the Parrot Mambo can move smaller objects around. Imagine that your girlfriend is mad at you, and you just grab a piece of chocolate with the mambo, fly through it’s window and give it her. How cute is that?! Just make sure that the window is open…  Anyway, smaller signs can also be carried around or basically any small thing.


In total, the Parrot Mambo is a great drone with some unique accessories, and it is also perfect for beginner drone racers. The price is not frightening, it is around 150$ with everything. It also pretty fast and easy to maneuver, so good for every ages.