Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Ultra thin, ultra light, but without an ultra high performance.

Samsung released its new Android tablet just a week before the X10, and it’s not bad.


Do you know the new iPad looks like? Well, the Samsung Galaxy S5e is looks like it’s little sibling, like a new iPad mini. However on the back there is a Samsung logo instead of an apple, and the camera doesn’t come out from the backs plane. It is 5.5mm thin, which is amazing. Just to compare, the Note 9 is 8.8 mm, the iPhone XS Max is 8.6 and the Mate 20 Pro is 7.7. Moreover, it’s stinner than the iPad pro as well by 4mm.

There is a power button on the side, which is a fingerprint reader as well, which we really like at this place. It comes in 3 colours, black, white and gold.

The 10,5inch Super AMOLED display is just beautiful at all aspects, but it is just 60hz (iPad 120). With its 2560×1600 resolution and 287ppi it is a little over the iPad.


4GB RAM/64GB ROM and 6GB/128GB are the two options, and they are both paired with a Snapdragon 670 Processor it’s enough for most games as well as for everydays tasks. We are a little disappointed why Samsung didn’t use a stronger chipset, but maybe because of the thin design.

The camera specs are the followings:

  • Front Camera-8.0MPSensor size: 1/4.0″Pixel size: 1.12μm FOV: 80° F2.0 Aperture
  • Rear Camera-13MPSensor size: 1/3.4″Pixel size: 1μm FOV: 80° F2.0 Aperture


Samsungs new S5e is probably one of the most portable tablet in the market, and if you can live with the facts, that it has a top-mid range processor, and the lack of IP rating it is a great choice. Well in terms of the processor just to say, it’s not slow!, it’s enough for probably everything you are going to do on it.