Skydio R1 World’s most advanced autonomous drone!

Skydio is an American based robotic company, they are making robots and researching artificial intelligence. In 2018 they developed a fully autonomous drone, called the Skydio R1.


In terms of size, it is really similar to the Mavic 2, but it’s not foldable. It also has a propeller guard (a frame) around the body, which gives place to the sensors. The camera is on the front, mounted on a 2 axis gimbal.


The R1 has 13 camera, yeah.. 13…, that’s why it can look in every direction. 12x navigation cameras are used for omnidirectional vision, and the last is the main one (talk about it later). There is also 1xGPS in the body, as well as 4x IMU, 1x barometer and a specially designed 256-core Nvidia Jetson GPU with a Quad-core 64-bit ARM CPU (4GB RAM). It’s a serious processing hardware for a drone of this size, but it’s necessary because the loads of sensors. It also has 64GB onboard storage, no place for SD card. The main camera is a Sony IMX377 ½.3”sensor (same size as Mavic 2 Zoom) with 150’ FOV. (4K @30fps)

Autonomous Feature

Skydio R1 doesn’t have an RC controller, instead it can connect to your phone by wifi, with a range of 300ft (100m). However this is for Autonomous flying, so you don’t need to control it. The Drone creates a 3D map of it’s environment, and plans the route through obstacles. It also predicts the motions, and most of the time it’s right, so it can easily maneuver in front of it. Full speed is around 45 km/h.


Well, this drone cannot be a component of the DJI ones, because the features are different. This is basically for people who don’t want to care with settings, controlling and these things. However in my opinion, the new DJI Mavic 2s are better in terms of speed, performance and video quality.