Swellpro – Splash Drone 3

Are you scare of flying above water? With SwellPro’s drone you can land and also take off from water!

SwellPro is not the most popular and well known drone company, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have cool products. Let’s talk about the Splash Drone 3, which is probably the best waterproof consumer drone on the market.


It is quite similar to a phantom, just on orange. It’s a little bit bigger, heavier, and feels much massive and looks cool with its carbon fiber props.Of course for transportation the legs and the propellers can be removed, and it also comes with a nice carrying luggage. And an ip67 rating means it can land on water, and because it’s floating it can also take up.


SwellPro created this drone originally for lifeguards at beaches, to carry life bouy to sinking people much faster, than a jetski. It can carry up to 1kg of playload, and you can easily drop that with a button on the controller.

However if you are a really professional fisherman, you can also drop your fishing bait wher you would like to.

Swellpro has 5 available accessory options to buyplayload mechanism itself

  • playload mechanism with fixed angle HD FPV camera
  • playload mechanism with a 4K tiltable camera

2 Type of  Cameras

2-axis Gimbal 1/2.3” CMOS sensor
6G All-glass non-fisheye lens array 4K 24FPS video (2880*2160) 14MP still photos 106° field of view (FOV) @ f2.0 Camera settings changeable by mobile app Tensive vibration damper Remotely adjustable Roll(40°) and Tilt (90°)
3-axis Gimbal SONY 1/2.3” CMOS sensor 8G All-glass non-fisheye lens array 4K 30FPS video (3840×2160) 16MP still photos 90° field of view (FOV) Camera settings changeable with built-in buttons Compressive vibration damper High-sensitivity Yaw, Pitch and Roll gimbal Remotely adjustable Yaw (+-25°) and Tilt (90°) 1080p/120fps for slow-motion

Both cameras can capture beautiful images and videos over the water, and can go to plases where you would never try to go with a non-waterproof drone. The whole gimbal system is waterproof (including the camera).

Smart Modes

The SplashDrone 3 is packed with autonomous functions, like Mission planning, Circling Flight and Return-Home (wit landing automatically), Smart Cruise and Tap to Fly. Of course it has Follow Me mode up to a speed of 36kph.

With both GPS and GLONASS system it’s really accurate, it can fly in rain, snow and in a wind up to 30kph.  The battery is 5200mAh and promises up to 17 minutes of flight time, which is more than enough to carry a lifebelt to someone on the shore and comeback.

Remote Controller

The controller has a built in FPV Screen, with a size of 5inch and a resolution of 800x480p. It’s really bright, clear, shows a lot of information and useful. You can get live feed back from around 800m-1km, but it can go up to 1.3km if there is no interference. You can also control the drone with mobile app, but than the range going to be like under 300m, depends on your phone.

Sum Up

SwellPro’s splash drone is the best waterproof consumer drone on the market with lots of feature, can be ordered with a really good camera, or if you are interested in fishing, than choose the bait and tiltable camera option. The price is around a 1000$, depends on the option and country. We would highly suggest to every Beach Guard Stations to have at least one of these, it could save someone lifes.