Nokia 9 PureView It’s not bad, just a bit late for it.

Nokia wanted to demonstrate this phone last year, so 9 Pureview has last year hardware, but a promisable camera system. Design/Display Well, premium materials, Gorilla Glass 5 and IP67 rating. Only comes in blue, and from the back it looks like a spider’s eyes. The fingerprint reader is integrated into the screen (optical). USB C-type […]

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Gdu O2 Plus is the new Mavic?

Gdu maybe known from its foldable Byrd drone, but thats so huge, and capeable to carry a DSLR Gdu camera on board. This year their new drone the O2 plus is a huge step, and probably a success. Design It looks like little bit like the Dji Mavic pro, but when its folded, we can […]

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