Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Biggest Display Phone Ever!

But why “just” Snapdragon 635???

Xiaomi’s Pocoprone is the lowest price phone with top performance, and their new Mi Max 3 is a leading as well, but not in performance.


The phone looks pretty nice, the brezelz on the front are small, no notch luckily, and there is double camera and a fingerprint reader on the back. If you thought, that the Note 9 is a “Big” phone, you have to think about it. Max 3 is a lot bigger than that with it’s 176 mm x 87,5 mm dimensions (Note 9: 161.9 x 76.4). On the bottom there is the speaker with “stereo effect”, microphone and the type-C port (No Jack).


Probably this is the best part of the phone, the 6.9” Inches LCD screen with 2160×1080 FHD+ resolution. Dispite the lack of the oled panel, the screen is full of colours and details, and enough bright for sunlight.


I already mentioned it doesn’t have the newest Snapdragon chip, but it still performs well. Biggest version is 64GB with 4GB of ram, which is enough, but not not a lot. The battery is huge as well, 5500mAh can keep the phone on for more than two days, if you are not a heavy user. There is also fast charging with the included 18W adapter.


Dual camera setting on the back includes a single led, 12MP and 5MP sensor with 1.4μm pixel size and f/1.9 aperture. It works well in most conditions, near flagship-level photos with dual pixel autofocus. There is of course AI portrait mode, AI scene detection, beauty effect and much more. In 4K 30 fps recording there is no stabilisation, only at 1080p. Slow-mo video is 120fps at 720p. The front facing camera is 8MP with 1.12 μm and f/2.0 aperture.


Xiaomi’s Mi Max 3 could have been a great phone, but it isn’t. I mean it’s not bad at all, the screen is amazingly big and bright, the design is so cool, but it really misses the Snapdragon 845 plus at least 6GB of RAM. If performance and photography are not the most important things for you, and you are just using a phone to browsing and youtubing, well, this is a good choice for you.